Rice flour business

Creating a new food culture and growth industry with rice flour noodle innovation

In November 2011, in collaboration with 3 local enterprises started the “Okayama New Rice Flour Noodle Association”, and began working to promote the demand for rice. Working to expand the network to be able to respond to every demand.

Developed a completely new rice flour noodle, creating a new addition to Japanese food culture

Rice is an essential part of the Japanese diet. However, in recent years, the consumption of rice has been decreasing, as a result of factors like a declining population, the aging of society, and a westernization of dietary habits. The per capita annual consumption has dropped to about half the level it was 50 years ago, declining to 59.5 kg (estimated) in 2010. To help resolve this kind of food crisis in Japan, we focused on rice flour, and then, on noodles made from the rice flour.

The goal was to improve Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate while expanding the consumption of rice in the form of “New rice flour noodles” that were developed through a collaboration among government, industry and academia. In addition to developing recipes for dishes using these new noodles, we are working to create new Japanese food culture.

The goal is to “Offer high quality rice flour that is both delicious and less expensive than wheat flour”.

Combining Keiwa Rozai technology and expertise in “turning raw materials into powders” with the rice flour processing knowhow of Marumiya Kokufun to take full advantage of the rice flavor. This unbeatable combination of knowhow and technology is being applied to build a rice flour production facility the Tōbi region of Okayama prefecture with the largest production capacity in Japan.

By offering “high quality rice flour that is both delicious and less expensive than wheat flour” we can stimulate a switch from unreliable imports of wheat, and help to raise the consumption of rice and the rate of food self-sufficiency in Japan.

We hope to promote the feelings of “the importance of rice” an “thankfulness for delicious rice” among the Japanese people into the future

We would like to feed the children who will be responsible for Japan in the future the rice flour noodles produced using 100% rice that is acquired locally. Local consumption of the locally produced crops is food education that teaches us to appreciate and understand the local foods.

Children who grow up enjoying the rice flour noodles in their school lunches will be the next-generation of consumer advocates.

Assistance for sixth-order industrialization
◎To the Farmers producing rice – Are you interested in participating in sixth-order industrialization?
◎Let’s create a new demand for rice (for rice flour)
◎Assistance for turning rice into rice flour and producing noodles using the rice flour

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