Mining resource development business

New development through NEXT China

The Chinese branch of Keiwa Rozai is Yingkou Keiwa Powder Processing Co. Ltd. Through this company we are developing untapped lands and creating new demand.

Keiwa Innovation will take full advantage of the expertise gained through NEXT China to advance into Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The focus will be on new mining resource development projects for the world, including further development of resources and finding the new industries where these resources can be useful.

Keiwa Rozai ~ Keiwa Innovation Background of the establishment of the mining resource development business

September 1968

Current Director and Top Advisor of Keiwa Innovation, Yokuni Kitagawa, retires from a local mine and founds Keiwa Rozai Co. Ltd.

May 1971

Founding of a subsidiary, Toyo Shoji Co. Ltd, and start of import of raw materials from Korea

December 2000

Keiwa Rozai acquires Sanyu Mining Co. founded in China by Yokuni Kitagawa, establishing a wholly-owned Chinese subsidiary, Yingkou Keiwa Powder Processing Co. Ltd.


Start of resource development in Vietnam as NEXT China


In addition to Vietnam, start of resource development in Sri Lanka


Start of feasibility study on business in Myanmar, along with start of resource development

We welcome hearing from anyone considering a foray into Myanmar.

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